“ I have to say that our stay with you last summer was the very best I have experienced in all the years I have stayed at various field camps. You made us all feel most welcome and met all of our needs, like family...You have spoiled us with your warm hospitality and great cooking. That might be the highlight of my entire career.”    Dick Reger, Geologist

“You folks have been wonderful and your kindness has made this cold and wet field season warm and wonderful. The food has been great and your cheerful and smiling hospitality great. Thank you so much.”  Gary Carver, Geologist

“So far the most beautiful and comfortable campground in all of Alaska. Just arrived and we’re already happy.”

Bruno & Tina, Switzerland

“Thank you so much for having a wonderful place for travelers. We have been on the road from California for 14 days now and you all gave us the most enjoyable evening we had on our trip up to Alaska. Thanks for such warm at home welcoming.” Michelle and Bernhard

“ This was paradise in the wild! Thank you so much for the hospitality. All the special touches were so appreciated. A definite must-stay in Alaska!” Grace, Jackie and Bob Gladstone

“We were planning to camp, but Cathedral creeks B&B. We think God directed us here, because we had the most wonderful time - we danced and sang and met some new friends. Breakfast was great and we really felt at home. We sure hope to see our Tok family again. Hard to believe we were here only one night.”  Alan and Wanda Malone

“Thanks so much for your unmatchable hospitality, your generosity, your great demeanor - love your practical jokes.

You have a very nice place - very comfortable and relaxing. Thanks for putting up with my company.” Minter & Sons

“ Many thanks for such a warm, welcoming stay. Your home is a respite from the road, well detailed, comfortable and with a high degree of peace. Thanks so much!” Susan Mullins

“ One of the nicest stops in my life! Thanks!!” Barbara Palmer

“Wow! What a wonderful campsite. Just beautiful and serene. Your hospitality is the “top of the world”. Mr.& Mrs Hoppe

“Thank you for making our stay so wonderful. This is the best place we’ve been to through all our travels. You have made a warm and relaxing place. It has been so refreshing to spend time with everyone at Cathedral Creeks B&B.”

Sue and Jeff  Lapp

“ You guys are the sweetest! Thanks so much for the warm and cozy rest stop! You are definitely the most hospitable folks we have encountered. We will definitely recommend this spot to others. Thank you again so much!” Sarah and Donnie

“ Beautiful place - I love the washrooms! Wish I could wake up every morning in a place like this. Thanks for the towels and the coffee. If I ever come back to Alaska, I’ll make sure to stop here.” Birgit und Jonas Sackmann

“ What a wonderful place. I had an awesome time with all the new friends, playing remarkably good music - *Five stars*.”

Juergen Westermann

“ We spent two wonderful, relaxing days with Chris and family. This place lacks nothing and we felt right “at home”. Thanks for everything.” Dieter and Marlene Goebel

“ This wonderful place tops off my visit to this beautiful state. We will be back. Thank you for your warm hospitality.” The Meislers


Guest Comments